Six for 100

This will be a quick post, as this is a limited edition item!

Six is Morrigan’s latest outfit, a wonderful pant/jacket set with plenty of detail and exquisite patterns! Although I didn’t show Six on a female avatar, I believe this outfit would fit both male and female avatars perfectly.

Six has been released for {The Men’s 24}.

“The Mens 24 takes place August 19th-27th from the creators of Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions. Twenty-four established and up-n-coming menswear designers are celebrating all thing related to the men of Second Life. Join us for an exciting week of limited edition exclusive outfits, skins, accessories, and hair! Take part in fabulous industry parties, fashion shows, and events all week long!”

The Black Canary can be found {here} at the event. Last I checked there were 87/100 left, but that number could quickly drop! So hurry on over and grab it fast, because the days are limited and we’re already several days in!

Click for fullview!

Detail shot:



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