The Black Canary presents Fashion For Life
March 16, 2011

Welcome to The Black Canary’s blog! I will be your host of the evening.

My name is Croon, and I have been blogging for several months. I was honored to be invited to come blog for The Black Canary, and I hope you’ll enjoy my snaps!

I’ll keep the intro short, as I know you must be positively raring to get to the releases! However, one more note before we move onwards: most pictures are resized in order to appear most attractive on the blog. If you wish to view more detail, please click for fullview!

Morrigan’s first release of the month is not one, but two lovely outfits! These releases are currently available at the Fashion for Life fair, with full proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

Also available in the donation vendors are The Black Canary’s classic Rocking Horse Shoes in both black and white. The Black Canary can be found here at the Fashion For Life Fair on the Mapplethorpe sim.

The newest additions to The Black Canary’s collection include “Eternal Grace”, a whimsical white gown, and “The Veil of Deceit”, a teasingly transparent lacy suit!

These two elegant numbers are crafted with care and attention to detail, with modifiable prim parts and a sit script included in the skirt.

Two spectacular creations for a wonderful cause. Enjoy!